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Circle of Kerzoven is a charming settlement-building strategy game paired with a rich simulation experience. The player manages its citizens, resources, production lines and the interaction with the surrounding nature.

Customer Teaser Description

In Circle of Kerzoven you take the role of a leader, delegated to build new settlements in remote, unknown corners of the Kingdom. In those forgotten places, nature is wild and legends are more real and vivid than one may think. Experience the challenges of different seasons and climates in a world, where every animal and every plant tries to find their place in nature, while you lead your villagers. How much will you share with nature? Will you strive for balance or even enforce the extinction of certain animals? Follow the old paths... or find your own.


  • Unique deep simulation of the nature in a building strategy game with complex interdependence of humans in nature.
  • Manage simultaneously the acquisition, refining and distribution of resources on multiple maps in different climatic conditions.
  • Manage the needs of the citizens. They are “alive” and have a specific home, workplace, and unique needs.
  • Animals are looking for food, get thirsty, sleepy and form social groups to find their place in nature.
  • Plants grow and are affected by the actions of the humans, animals, and their environment.
  • The seasons and climatic conditions affect the gameplay, as certain plants only grow in certain conditions and temperature affects humans, animals, plants, and the environment.
  • Interact and trade with other factions where all items were crafted with same rules as for the player.
  • Create own maps and scenarios in the editor and extend through mod support.
  • Charming and calm low poly art style.


Circle of Kerzoven was a solo project for a long time until Marco Burri made some friends on the way. Marco started developing games over ten years ago besides his career as an automation technician and later software engineer. One of his most famous game is Legend of Ahssûn, where he was working in the core team as a generalist and is still supporting the project today.


Circle of Kerzoven TrailerYouTubeYouTube short version


Circle of Kerzoven Alpha Demo GameplayYouTube



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Created by


  • Marco Burri

Community & Communication

  • Iris Wippich

Narration & Design

  • Manuel Wirth

Metaroot GmbH

  • Andri Weidmann
  • Flurin Weidmann
  • Nathalie Meier


  • Denise Hohl
  • Pierre Lippuner