Circle of Kerzoven

A city building strategy game with unique depth

In a profoundly simulated world, every action has a reaction. Every animal and every plant tries to survive while you lead your entrusted creatures to a bright future. Take care of your villagers, resources, production lines and the interaction with a complex environment. How much will you intervene in the course of nature? You decide.

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Build Your Economy

Manage the acquisition, refinement and distribution of resources. Goods must be transported to desired locations by someone who has the time and space to do it.

Care For All Living Things

Manage the needs of the citizens. They are “alive” and have a specific home, workplace and broad range of needs. But animals also look for food, get thirsty, sleepy, form groups, look for social interactions, and try to find their place in nature. Even plants need water and the right temperature in order to survive.

Find Balance (Or Not)

Humans share the same space and resources with nature and they influence each other. While in the beginning the influence of the humans is insignificant due to the small size, it gets more and more important when the city - and its needs - grow. Risk of extinction and risk of overpopulation may form, depending on the actions of the player.

Observe The Vibrant World

Seasons and weather affect the gameplay. Certain plants grow only in certain seasons, need more water on hot days or wilt during cold periods. Humans and animals need more energy to keep warm or more water to keep cool. In extreme cases, they become tired and can even be harmed.

Take Your Time

You set the pace. Pause the game, speed it up or slow it down whenever you want. Nature is robust, and your villagers unlock more complex needs as you progress.

Build Your Own Scenarios

Create your own maps and scenarios in the editor. The landscape can be changed, plants spawned, animals placed, water flows connected, and new paths can be created for travelers. Add new maps or link existing ones together to a new world.